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Are Chinese Export Tiles Market Days numbered?

Nobody can deny the fact that exporting ceramic tile has become more challenging. Also the numbers do not lie and show clearly that Chinese Ceramic exports are not going up but instead are flat or slowly declining.
Understanding the reasons why this is happening helps you take better decisions on what to do as a company or as a country if you could possibly do that.

I have been working for the same company for more than 30 years and I have seen many things during my career and what is happening in China is not a big surprise to me. Actually I kind of predicted this and I saw it coming. I do not take a genius to figure it out.
We have been outsourcing tiles from many countries to distribute in our stores in Mexico, USA, Panama, Guatemala and China. In all these years we have been doing this you learn many things and understand where the industry is going. When you are continuously in contact, traveling, sourcing or distributing in or from the top ceramic manufacturing countries in the world it makes things a lot easier to see.

We do have very important business relationships with Italy, Spain, China, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, India which are among the top manufacturers and or distributors or consuming ceramic tile countries in the world.
We saw and experienced the deep decline in production and exports of Italian and Spanish Tiles to USA and the rest of the world, the USA recession and big decrease of ceramic imports to the Country, the Mexico Dumping Case Saga with China (Why, Who, What pricing, which products, the resolution, the minimum price agreement, the companies involved), the way Spanish manufacturers are fighting back and making significant progress in their exports and use of installed capacity, the way the Italians always try regardless of the economic conditions on fighting and keeping their place in the world ceramic industry, and many more things.

All of this experiences, all the trips to these different countries, all the knowledge acquired help you see how things are developing and how these things will shape the future.
In previous articles I have written that date more than 6 months ago I was talking about Spanish different Brands and Manufacturers and their future impact on Chinese exports to many countries in the world among them some of the top consumers like USA, Mexico, Australia and Canada.

China in all these past few years (Specially the last 5) is not getting any cheaper, the rising costs of materials, labor and energy is making Chinese goods less attractive to be purchased from these customers and they are selecting instead Spanish Ceramic tiles that are very closely priced to Chinese (Very close, within cents to even a dollar per m2). ?Obviously not all sizes and styles can be compared or are priced at the same levels but unfortunately the ones that sell the bigger volume yes, like 60x60 glazed porcelains, and the smaller sizes like 30x30, 33x33, 45x45 and 50x50 that the Spanish manufacturers have no problem whatsoever making and at very competitive prices.

This will keep affecting the exports of Chinese Ceramics due to the competitiveness of Spanish Tiles. So if China can’t be more pricing competitive or attractive what should it do? Pricing is no longer and advantage, then what? There are only two ways: If we keep doing the same the Chinese Exports will keep sharply declining in the next two or three years and most manufacturers will change their strategy and focus on the domestic market which is big and still somehow healthy (No matter what the people say) and this unfortunately will bring all the brands many new headaches and price wars. (I am afraid that this already started) But does this mean that the Chinese Manufacturers declared themselves non-competitive vs. Spanish Tile manufacturers? Or should something more should be done?

我相信中國生產者需要更關注質量,設計,創意以及其他一些我們都知道的中國現在以及將來都仍然很難被擊敗的東西(拋光類的產品,磨邊產品,像800×800mm, 900×900mm, 1000×1000mm, 600×1200mm等中到大規格的瓷磚),保持把它們做得更好,做到世界級的質量。
I believe that Chinese manufacturers need to focus more on quality, design, creativity and the things where we all know China still is and will be unbeatable (Polished goods, rectified ceramic, mid to big size ceramic like 80x80, 90x90, 100x100, 60x120) and just keep making them better and world class quality.

A battle here and there must have been lost but not the war………..So let’s keep trying harder to make Chinese Ceramics the top choice but not because of price ONLY but instead the best products your money can buy!

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